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Brazilian Translations in Massachusetts


Florida Brasil Traslations

Florida Brasil Translations

Address: Hollywood - Florida
(954) 257-4315

Maria Eugênia Farré - Brazilian Translations

Maria Eugênia Farré

Specialized in Software Localization and Medical Technology, Marketing & Advertising, Telecommunications and Journalism. To request a quote or a translation sample, please send an e-mail to

Translations & Etc.- Brazilian Translations

Eliana Runyon

Phone: 781-598-1114 / 781-856-0872
Fax: 781-598-1114

Description: Service in the following languages: Portuguese, Spanish, Romainian, Korean, Nigerian, Haitian Creole, etc. Experience and excellence working for you.

Massachusetts Tips

Top Ten Tips for Choosing a Translation Company

Choose your translation company as if the success of your product depends on it—it just may!

  1. Does the agency have a large enough network of translators to handle any assignment, whatever the language, whatever the field?
    Their Scandinavian masseuse might do wonders for your muscles—but won't work the kinks out of your Swedish medical translation...
  2. Can they provide a one-stop service for translating all types of documents as well as your web site and your software?
    Or do you have one translation company for your marketing documents, another for your annual report and still another for your web site, all with wildly differing vocabulary and styles?
  3. Do they provide quotes quickly and without obligation, then adhere to them, making every attempt to minimize your costs?
    You've finalized your translation budget, only to discover a few costs you hadn't expected tacked onto the invoice—like a supplement for technical material, extra research, faxing a copy to your local dealer…
  4. Do they call on a network of highly specialized, experienced translators, or do just a few translators cover every field?
    Would you entrust your teeth to a florist? No more than we would entrust your computer manual to a lawyer or your screenplay to a banker.
  5. Do they take into account linguistic and cultural differences, proposing adaptations to suit the local market?
    If only Chevrolet had sought the advice of a culturally sensitive staff when it tried to sell Spaniards a car called the "No-go" (Nova)...
  6. Do they work closely with you, asking intelligent questions to learn your company's abbreviations and sector-specific vocabulary?
    FYI: our MO for TQM is to let you know PDQ if we have terminology questions, whether R&D reports (on the QT!) or a CEO memo from your NYC HQ... and no R&R for us until we incorporate your company's in-house lexicon ASAP.
  7. Do they revise, proof-read, and spell-check translations, or merely forward documents from translator to client?
    If only an editor had caught these instructions for a Tokyo hotel's air conditioning system: Cooles and Heates. If you want just condition of warm in your room, please control yourself.
  8. Are they equipped with high performance computers and the latest software to provide you with documents in whatever format and via any method of delivery you need, to save you time and money?
    Or did your 150-page Power Point presentation come back in text format because the translator didn't have the right program?
  9. Are they helpful and courteous on the phone and do they move heaven and earth to meet your needs?
    Or do you hear "No, we can't do that" so many times you think you've reached Dial-a-Grouch?
  10. Do they respect your deadlines—and inform you when a deadline is too tight to provide a quality job?
    Nothing worse than scheduling an emergency meeting in Helsinki to clinch an international deal... then sailing in without your translated contract. If your agency gives you empty promises about unrealistic deadlines, you'll miss the boat every time.
    By Laura Rosen


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