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Brazilian Airlines and Flights to Brazil

Airline Companies - Flights to Brazil

Transbrasil (Brazilian Airline)
Phone: 800 872-3153

Airline: VARIG (Brazilian Airline)
Phone: 800 GO VARIG
Description: Viações Aéreas Rio Grandense

Airline: VASP (Brazilian Airline)
Phone: 800 732-VASP
Description:Viações Aéreas de São Paulo

Airline: Continental
Phone: (1-800) 871-1400

Airline: Delta
Phone: (1-800) 221-1212

Airline: American
Phone: (1-800) 433-7300

Airline: United
Phone: (1-800) 241-6522 Tips

Flight duration to/from Rio de Janeiro

São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro are the main gateways to Brazil. Flight time is eight hours from Boston to São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro, ten hours from New York, just over nine hours from Atlanta, thirteen from Los Angeles and sixteen from San Francisco. Click Here For More

Flight time between different cities within Brazil

Considering the size of the country, the best way to travel throughout Brazil is by air. Flying domestically can be quite expensive. However foreign visitors can travel economically by purchasing air passes from Tam Airlines or Varig prior to arriving in Brazil. Compared to domestic air travel available in Brazil, air passes are an excellent value. A round-trip flight from Rio de Janeiro to Manaus can cost over US$1000. Currently, an air pass exchangeable for up to 5 domestic flights used within 21 days costs approximately US$ 530.
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