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Standard Package

.This package includes: listing in our directory with the name of your company, phone, fax, address.

Gold Package
This package includes: listing on our directory with the name of your company, phone, fax, address, map of location, e-mail, your printable coupon and a link to your existing web site. All the information on this package is located inside a yellow box and appears prominently above the standard package. This package offers superior exposure than
the Standard package.


Web Site Package *
This package includes: Customized web site + FREE LISITING WITH A GOLD PACKAGE .
This package includes one of our customized web site templates that comes with 5 pages about your company and services, contact form, map of directions and e-mails. You can also send us pictures of your company or employers and we will add it to your web site at no additional cost.


We offer two kinds of banner ads on our web site. If you have a web site we can link your banner to your site, or we can link it to your e-mail address.

Banner 135 x 50 ( Home Page)
This banner is prominently located on the right side of our home page (size 135 x 50 pixels).This banner offers more exposure due to its placement on the most visited page of the web site. Please call for availability!
Minimum 3 Months contract is required.

Banner 468 x 60 (Category Page):
This banner is located on the top of a directory page of your choice, above all other the listings. This banner is exclusive, we will only place one banner in each directory page. Maximum of 3 companies. Banner will randomly rotate every time the page loads. Please call for availability!
Minimum 3 Months contract is required


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